Gone are the days when finding plans for the weekend is a challenge. Whether you’re at home or travelling to a new city for the first time we live in a time where there is an abundance of resources at our fingertips. From fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, literature festivals to food festivals. Allow me to point you to some of the guides that I have found useful when making those much needed weekend plans.

REVL is my number one go-to app for finding events local to me. It not only provides a listing of events happening across the UK, from London to Manchester, it also provides a feature that lets you compare ticket prices from different providers – helping you to make economic choices!

Eventbrite is something I’m sure we’re all familiar with. The platform provides a number of different events, from networking for professional development to hobby meetups and fitness classes to enlightening seminars. Take a look today, you’d be surprised on what you could find.

Time Out another excellent guide for events for art, entertainment, films and food events. One of the many great things about this guide is it’s global meaning you can find things to do on their website pretty much wherever in the world you are.

Fever is a “social-discovery platform”. This app provides a number of events happening in London (only) by selecting 10 events personalised based on your interests, you can also book events on the platform.

If you love live music you need the Songkick app on your phone! This app makes it easy for you to find upcoming performances by connecting you to concerts you might be interested in and notifying you on any upcoming concerts by artists you listen to. This app scans through your phone (through Spotify or music on your phone) and lists your favourite artists to notify you of any events by them.

Thebestof is a bit of an old-fashioned website, but still very useful! It provides a local guide for “spotlight events” in over 300 locations in the UK, helping you find what is happening locally. Another great resource on this site is that they provide a business guide for recommended local businesses that have been assessed!

All events in the CityApp (my current favourite) allows you to discover and get a glimpse happening or upcoming events in your local area. This app, like Fever, also notifies you of events based on your interests. These events can also be easily added to your calendar on your phone as a reminder!