Insignia is back with their 2nd album, Worship Culture. This album takes you on a journey that navigates the ups and downs of a Christian walk. Replete with twenty tracks, there really is something for everyone, Worship Culture crosses multiple genres. Expect a mix of indie, contemporary, gospel, R&B infused sound as the album unfolds.

‘You Gave Everything’ and ‘The Chant’ are the two opening tracks which vibrantly kick off this album with strong declarations of who God is and what He has done. The velocity of the tracks seamlessly takes us to ‘Yahweh’ which brings the tempo down and transitions the album into the flow of worship which the group is renowned for, all the while still unpacking and celebrating the character of God and boldly asking His kingdom to reign within us. It’s one of my favourites as it is beautiful yet so simple.

This album has some real gems on it that will take you from your quiet time to a praise session

‘Another Level’, ‘I Live For You’ and ‘My Promise’ really start to dig into the everyday life of being a Christian. This for me is where the album connected, it’s both vocally strong and full of encouragement. The songs sound like prayers that we have all made at different points in our walk. Points where we want more of God, points where we commit and recommit to living for God. Points where we haven’t passed the test yet but we are choosing to trust and stand firm on who He is, not how we feel. This part of the album is full on get-on-your-knees worship. ‘I Am the Way’, You Are My God’, ‘Great Is’ and ‘Trust’ take the listener’s focus to a place of reflection and exaltation, upwardly gazing at the truth and richness that lay within Him.

The second half moves into fun, uptempo R&B infused songs that will be great to blast from your windows this summer! It seems Insignia want to remind us that we should celebrate both in and out of season. ‘Good Vibes’, ‘Clockwork’, ‘Winner’, will get your spirit pumped up and ready to dance. ‘Something About You’, ‘Anthem’, ‘Keep Moving’, ‘Voices’ and ‘The Way’ follow suit, encouraging the listener to push on and praise the way through. This album has some real gems on it that will take you from your quiet time to a praise session. Insignia end their sophomore album by showing off their vocal arrangements and harmonies on ‘Love’.

My personal favourites are: The Chant, Yahweh, My Promise, Another Level, Trust, Good Vibes, You Are My God. Worship Culture is available on iTunes and Spotify.