Growing up when I would hear about protest marches my first thought each time would be, “What’s the point? A march isn’t going to do anything, the people they are marching against don’t care, it doesn’t affect them so they will just keep on doing it anyway…”Although there is, unfortunately, an element of truth to my eight-year-old cynicism. There were also huge elements of marches that my young mind had failed to fully contemplate.

To march in protest is not solely about testing the power of the perpetrator; it is about demonstrating the power of the people. The power and value to use the working voices and minds that God has blessed us with. Embracing our treasured free will to stand up and say, “No! This is not what I want. This is not what we want.” United and working together.

Is it our place to judge others sins? No, of course not. Only God can judge, whilst none of us throws the first stone. However, we can and should speak out against injustices. Jesus himself demonstrated that there is a righteous anger in each of us and if in keeping in tune with the Holy Spirit, we can exercise this anger peacefully to demonstrate our refusal to accept injustice, racism, patriarchy and other evils.


The power of the everyday woman is in her voice

Jesus gave a voice to the unheard and listened to what they had to say. He empowered each person He met to have faith and to believe in treating others how you would wish to be treated. We have the ability to do the same. The power of the everyday woman is in her voice. To peacefully protest does not mean that we are failing at forgiveness, for you can forgive and still not accept the action. We are not refusing to turn the other cheek, we can still do so for ourselves yet offer a voice of solidarity and aid for others.

In a world of increasing turmoil and a feminist movement which is continuously blighted by growing patriarchy in renewed forms, there is no wonder that people are feeling frustrated. Earlier in the year the March for Women on January 21st 2017, gave people of all walks of life a peaceful and united outlet to release such frustrations and call on their leaders for positive change and equality for all. It was a fantastic day of unity which preached a message of a love and elevated hope in the hearts of the millions involved worldwide that together, we can change the world. Through peace, it is possible to achieve change, to secure equality for all.

Each of us are created equally in the image of God, therefore we each deserve equal respect. We secure this through protest, but beyond that, we also make power available on our knees in prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-2).