Thank Jesus British weather is picking up and we can now entertain the idea of Bardot tops and sunglasses. The sun does something to our countenance. We’re happier, the commute to work is lighter, the days are brighter and the weekends become an adventure.

Here’s a few things to do as we usher in British Summer:

Outdoor Cinema
The idea of frost bite whilst attempting to share body heat with the person next to you while struggling with the popcorn and drink sitting uncomfortably on your lap never sat well with me. However, with the ushering of the sun, I’ve definitely warmed to the idea. There are various film clubs scattered across London. The Rooftop Film Club, for example, has various locations across London as does the Hot-Tub Cinema which is also open in Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester.

BBQs are the perfect opportunity to meet people and eat good food. Whether you’re hosting one or throwing one there’s nothing like a BBQ to encapsulate the summer vibe. I’m salivating at the idea of ribs, beef burgers, with a side of coleslaw already.

Get lost in the nicest way possible
One thing I love about tourists is that they welcome the adventure. I’m unclear as to the exact point in our lives that we lose the sense of adventure and adopt rigidity but summer is not the time to be rigid. Summer especially the lead up to it, is an opportunity to open up our minds, see the sights, walk around preferably without the aid of Google maps and just explore. I’m positive that you will stumble across hidden treasures in your city.

Rooftop dining
By now it’s evident that I’m obsessed with roofs. However, beyond my obsession is the fact that summer lasts about 5 minutes in Britain so use the opportunity to take alfresco dining to new heights.

Frolic On A Beach
The saying, “Why see the world, when you’ve got the beach” comes to mind here and for my city types, who shudder at the idea of travelling for miles to experience sand and sea when there are urban beaches in the capital and beyond. From Neverland London to Nottingham Beach there is a location in close proximity to you.

I couldn’t leave without stressing the importance of sunscreen. Wear some – thank me later.