It’s three months into the year and you are still going hard at the gym. You told yourself, “This year will be different, I’m not going to cancel my gym membership in January.” But the zeal is slowly but surely starting to decrease; worry not – I’ve got you. I believe one of the key steps to committing to exercise is to be excited about dressing up in your gym kit. Invest in a gear that makes a statement while you sweat. Maybe it’s just me, but sprucing up my sportswear closet with new pieces is always a great motivator.

Gym wear has come a long way, from baggy t-shirts and old sweats to mesh styles and luxe co-ord sets. We don’t have to yield to dull, boring and bland styles, there are many options to choose from and there is something for everyone.

So for the couch-to-5ks and gym fanatics here is some advice to keeping your gear on-point, suitable and up-to-date:

Trainers: I cannot stress enough the importance of buying the right kind of footwear as buying and wearing the wrong type of trainers can cause serious injury. So I’d definitely advise splashing a bit more on buying the right type of trainers. For outdoor activities, there are brands that design trainers with protection from the elements, making it waterproof and windproof but yet allowing your skin to breath. My favourite brands for this are Nike (training shoes) and Adidas (UltraBoostX).

Bras: Wearing the right workout clothes is also important; it’s no secret how uncomfortable it can be to work-out without a super supportive bra. Extra support is needed especially with high-impact workouts, so it is also ideal to invest in a high-quality sports bra. My favourite brands for this are Nike Pro, Panache and Adidas.

For low-impact workouts like yoga, super-supportive bras are not really necessary. Brands like H&M and Gym Shark have great fabric, moisture wicking (absorbing), temperature regulating and odour repelling. My personal favourites are Nike’s poly trousers, they absorb any moisture from your skin, meaning any sweat evaporates instead of being drawn into the material #embarrassing.

Lulu lemon, Fabletics, and Nike also make very comfortable, loose-fitting shorts that keep you dry during that 5k jog or short distance run.

So make sure you seek out hi-tech and quality items for the above, but for the rest just make sure it’s right for you.