We all want satisfaction in life; even as Christians we often struggle with being satisfied.  Many, if not all of us, have big dreams visions and ambitions for the future. We also have a tendency to feel threatened, inferior or even jealous when we see others obtain what we don’t have. There is also a pride that enfolds us when we have what we believe others may want. Living in a way that is concerned about other people’s possessions is not what we ought to be striving for as Christians. It is not only sinful, it also has the potential to sow misery, pain and bitterness in the soils of our hearts, which in turn goes against the joyful life God intended for us to live.

Our joyfulness in and of itself glorifies God. We can be joyful by being sure and confident in His purpose for us because His purpose is His best for us. The purpose God has for us is exclusive to us. Until we know our purpose and absolutely trust that it is His best for us – we will never be truly satisfied with all that God has provided. Being confident in Him will not only empower us to become more content with what we have already received, but to also focus on God and strive for the greatness He created us to pursue.

Be occupied with serving God and making that the focus of your life.

Psalm 37:4 promises that if we delight ourselves also in the Lord, He will “give [us] the desires of [our] heart.” If we delight in God by serving Him and doing all things for His glory, He will place desires in our hearts that are consistent with His will and purpose. That gives great joy and satisfaction, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Therefore, be occupied with serving God and making that the focus of your life.  Do not be distracted by what others are doing or not doing but be great in what God has called you to do. When this becomes your priority, you will be amazed at the fruitful, peaceful and satisfying life you will live.