There are so many avenues through which we can receive the gospel. Over time, the gospel has been spread through verbal communication, music, letters, films and other various mediums. One of the ways that I have had the pleasure of receiving the gospel is through a particular form of poetry called spoken word. The artist usually performs oral stanzas by playing with intonation, rhythmic sentences and using powerful punch lines. There is no set pace and performers usually alter the tempo of the oral piece to keep the audience entertained. Some spoken word is likened to rap without musical instruments. It takes an incredible amount of skill to carry along an audience with just your words and deliver the intended message without losing them in the colourful vocal composition.

One of my favourite lyricists is Jackie Hill Perry, whom I had the pleasure of viewing in the PIA tour in London last weekend. She is the type of orator that captures your attention whether she is just generally speaking or performing a piece. Her natural countenance and stage presence merge harmoniously. Not only is her poetic flow epic, but also the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ intricately oozes out of every statement she makes. She effectively relays the beautiful story of how the gospel of Jesus Christ transformed her from a shameless weed-smoking lesbian to an even bolder disciple of Christ, loving wife and mother, and an ambassador of Biblical womanhood. Jackie holds nothing back from her past and engages her audience with her transparent reflections of her past life of sin and her continual journey of spiritual renewal and continues to touch on subjects that may be taboo in church.

Spoken word is just one of the many ways that we can minister the gospel in an innovative way

In collaboration with Jackie, Janette…ikz (Janette McGhee Watson) was another inspiring female lyricist featured on the PIA tour. Her YouTube live performance of her poem entitled, “I Will Wait For You” has conjured up to almost 3.5 million views to date. Her rhetoric skill will take you through all of the emotions one can have and leave your soul agitated with pending necessary reflections. Janette has used her influence to encourage single Christian women to wait on the Lord not only for a godly spouse, but to wait on the Lord relentlessly until He comes back for His spotless bride, as marriage is not the ultimate destination. As a woman who was once sexually, physically and verbally abused by her step-father, she has also used her gift to encourage many women to allow the transforming power of Jesus Christ to redeem them from abuse and the destructive power of sin and bad decisions.

Spoken word is just one of the many ways that we can minister the gospel in an innovative way. Jackie and Janette have effectively mastered the skill of confronting pertinent issues that affect the millennial Christian woman via distinctive avenues. I implore you to step out of the box, check these artists out and explore the various avenues of gospel ministry.