You thought “it” would last forever. It didn’t. Depending on the length of the relationship you cried (you cried your heart out) and you maybe ate Ben and Jerry, cookie dough flavour and maybe you watched a chick flick, or maybe I’m just being uber stereotypical and you actually didn’t do any of the above but here you are single after thinking “it” would last forever.

You did. You thought it would last. You prayed about this one. You prayed for marriage but with every waking day, your differences became evident. The break up wasn’t necessarily a clean break. In fact, it was disastrous. You were emotionally attached to this man for months, maybe even years and now you’re detached from said man.  

You may not have considered what you are about to read but Jesus actually cares about your heartbreak.  He does. He cared about Hannah’s heartbreak at not having a son. He cared about the woman with the issue of blood and her heartbreak and He cared about Mary’s impending heartbreak at His imminent death. Jesus cares about yours too.

Jesus actually cares about your heartbreak

You may think that talking about the heartbreak endlessly will soothe your pains or that tub of ice cream will make you forget the hurt and whilst prayer might not be your default reaction to such an emotionally traumatic experience, pray anyway.

Yes, pray for the strength to deal with the days and months to come. Pray to get over it. Pray for the willpower to not send him an “I miss you” message. Pray for the resolve to not stalk his social accounts or ask your girlfriends to stalk his social accounts. Pray for the power to not ask your mutual friends of his whereabouts. Finally, pray that the ice cream that you are currently indulging on doesn’t go to the places you don’t want it to go to on your body.

Psalm 34:18 says, The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit – remember that.