People often start the new year fully intending to be better and do better – to eat healthier, make wiser financial decisions. However, it can be easier said than done. Somewhere along the way, it gets difficult to stay true to your goals because well, life gets in the way. If you’re reflecting on your year so far and feel like it’s already all over – don’t lose hope. Here are some tips to get back on the bandwagon to embracing the best version of you:

 Take care of your skin

 Firstly, this is probably a no-brainer for everyone but taking care of your skin can help boost your confidence and make you feel better in the long-run. Our article on ‘More Skin Care, Less Makeup’ is a love letter to the skin that you’re born in. Whether you’re struggling with oily acne-prone skin, fine lines, wrinkles, or freckles, you can always find a solution that will help. Even if you love experimenting with makeup, having a smooth base helps create looks with minimal texture. Drinking enough water, sticking to your skincare regimen even after a long night, and always remembering to wash your face are some of her tips for more self-love. 

Make healthier food choices

 If you took part in veganuary why not extend healthy eating to the rest of the year. Consider moving away from processed food and drinks – if you’re trying to lose weight, natural ingredients should be the way to go. But this doesn’t mean shying away from supplements altogether – it’s just a matter of finding the right ones. Pretty Me’s review of the popular Detoxi Slim supplement emphasises the importance of researching the ingredients of any supplement you take, even if the brand claims to be all-organic. They also advise that you not only consult with a doctor before you commit to a new diet or a dietary supplement, but also that you seek medical assistance if you ever begin feeling unwell. Remember that you are doing this for your self-care to improve your overall health!

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself sis

Yes can’t buy happiness, but sometimes a small (or large) treat here and there when payday hits can make you feel better after a long day. Marie Claire suggests purchasing the Leica TL2 Camera that comes with a huge touchscreen interface and amazing image quality to capture memories. Sure it’s an investment, but having a camera in hand can help you appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Or why not treat yourself to a pair of cosy shearling bedroom slippers or luxurious silk sleepwear by Prada – you work hard you deserve it. 

Learn something new each day

 If you’re constantly busy with work or juggling taking care of your kids, it can be difficult to find the time to learn a new skill. However, you don’t have to dedicate a huge chunk of time to learning something new. There’s always in the in-between moments – while you’re busy walking, or taking the train somewhere why not spend this time listening to a podcast?’s writeup about the Changeability podcast explains that each episode lasts about 30–45 minutes and talks about how you can develop better habits and improve your physical health. Other podcasts on the list are motivational in nature, while others share personal stories to help you conquer life’s problems.  

Pray for your relationships

 Lastly, you may be entering the year with some tension or unhappiness in your personal relationships. Beliefnet lists ‘7 Prayers For a Struggling Relationship’ that can help you find reconciliation. The process of prayer allows us to, “Take our abstract desires and put them into words”, either helping us find the solutions ourselves or through miraculous ways. Pray for understanding your partner, peace during the storms, finding revelation when you feel lost, or healing existing divides can ultimately help you become stronger.

 We hope that by keeping some of these tips in mind, your hope and expectation for 2020 will be reignited.