Jane Bannor is a woman with passion. A passion to tell the world who God is and she does this through her jewellery line Feathers + Wings. The Londoner spoke to us about her vision for her beautiful delicate pieces and her heart for vulnerable women.

Describe the moment the idea for Feathers + Wings came to you?

Honestly, the time Feathers + Wings came to me was in a season of great difficulty and pain. From a creative aspect, I felt starved beyond anything I had felt before. I remember sitting in a café in May 2014, with nothing but myself, my laptop and a heart that burned to create something that would reflect who God is, but more importantly, move the heart of God. I wrote a letter to myself that day to be without fear, to dare to create and dare to move. It was a time when God showed me what it truly looked like to birth beauty from brokenness.

What has been the pinnacle of your journey so far?

There have been several poignant moments that have shaped this journey I am currently on with Feathers + Wings. A pinnacle moment and one that is always recurring; when I hear the stories from my customers about how a piece has been a source of encouragement or had an impact on their lives and walk with Christ, more so with the ‘More Than Words’ necklaces. It’s so humbling to hear and is also such a source of encouragement.

Your jewellery is really stunning. Where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you so much! I’m very much a lover simple yet unique pieces; allowing them to speak for themselves without trying too hard. I believe this is where part of my inspiration comes from. I also draw inspiration from the beauty of nature (I love to work with natural stones), travel, people and the Master Craftsman Himself, God.

Ten percent of all sales from Feathers + Wings is donated to The Waterfall, a women’s recovery group. Why this particular organisation?

The Waterfall is a recovery group that essentially helps vulnerable women overcome addictions. Before Feathers + Wings was formed, I had been leading worship at The Waterfall for the volunteers and the women who attended the recovery group. It was during these moments, that I realised I wanted to do more for the women and to support the organisation itself. With the start of Feathers + Wings, I decided from the start to donate 10% of every sale to The Waterfall to help fund resources and supplies.

What message do you want your pieces to tell?

You may have noticed that each piece has a unique name such as ‘Infinite’ or ‘Sling + Stone’. This being that each piece has a story to tell, a story that reflects who God is and how he sees His children. That we are known and loved by Him – I hope that is the message that is shared.

You can check out Feather + Wings here.