Throughout history fashion has marked some of the greatest movements. From the well-dressed suffragettes to the edgy punk movement to the iconic black beret of the black panther movement. Fashion has been a way to express values and beliefs.

I don’t know about you but there is a real sense of excitement in the air. In the wake of multiple international women’s marches and events marking Women’s History Month, the plight and power of women have been highlighted and there is no denying the new wave of this movement.

Facts about inequalities have been surfacing which we knew before but are now becoming more alarming. It is evident that change is in the air, there has been progress – but there is more work to be done.

Fashion and politics have had a long-standing relationship. Recently Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s infamous TED Talk, “We Should All Be Feminists’, inspired Dior’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Fashion and politics have had a long-standing relationship

The term feminism has often been met with negative connotations. With many women not identifying with the term feminist, as it has not always been inclusionary of the struggles of all women but the tides are changing. Our challenges are different and vary, but what unifies us is the common goal.

Equality of the sexes, equal rights isn’t about overthrowing men but it is saying that as a woman they should have the same rights that are afforded to men. It shouldn’t be questioned it should be a given that every girl child should have the opportunity to be educated.

This is just one of the battles that are being fought. There is no overnight fix but sparking conversations about these issues with men and women, young and old helps in creating change. A new generation of activist and activism is emerging. Women are taking a stand for fundamental human rights in all areas.

2017 is the year to make a statement and again fashion has taken note. There are ways to raise awareness here are some fashion statement pieces that will be great icebreakers. Spread the word – women’s rights are human rights.