This is not an anti make up tirade, nor is the intention behind this post to criticise the use of it. At the heart of this piece is the old adage, “Love the skin you are in”, so please refrain from throwing your makeup brushes at me.

Love is drinking the prescribed litres of water.

Love is taking progress pictures of your skin; particularly when you’ve noticed changes.

Love is doing a Google search to ascertain what type of skin you might have.

Love is booking a free consultation with an aesthetician.

Love is having a skincare regime.

Love is buying targeted products to suit your skin type.

Love is not using all of the products in the world on your face.

Love is taking time to learn your skin.

Love is using a different pillowcase every night.

Love is loving the skin you are in.

Love is not picking at your face.

Love is washing your hands every time you want to touch your face.

Love is washing your face at night.

Love is being gentle.

Love is not over-exfoliating.

Love is not under-exfoliating.

Love is eating your vegetables.

Love is not rushing.

Love is being selective with your makeup choices.

Love is loving the skin you are in.

You’re likely to wear less makeup in the summertime due to the weather conditions, so why not begin by prepping your skin now?