Introducing India Williams, the mastermind behind the sensational nail polish line Rooted Woman. Boasting a beautiful range of colours with equally beautiful names such as,  “Grateful” and “Unconditionally Loved” these are nail polishes with a purpose. Read on to find out more.

What inspired you to launch Rooted Woman?

Rooted Woman was really birthed out an innate desire to see women slow down and take care of themselves. As women, we have so many responsibilities. We often forget to put taking care of ourselves on our “to-do” list and if we do, we put ourselves at the very bottom. It’s so easy to forget that we need care too. I wanted to create a brand that could join women in their individual journeys towards self-care. My prayer is that the Rooted Woman experience of being polished inside and out goes beyond the 60-minute manicure.

You champion self-care, why do you feel it’s so important?

On a personal level, I am my best self when I’ve cared for me. I walk further into my destiny and purpose when I am rooted, renewed and rested. On a community level, I think the same is equally true. We’re more likely to offer more grace, to see the beauty in others and to share more of ourselves when our cups are full.

You’re a corporate finance lawyer as well as the founder of Rooted Woman – how do you balance the two?

I try to take it day by day. I can only mentally, physically and spiritually be in one place at a time. There are times when my job as a lawyer demands all of my time and I have to put Rooted Woman to the side. The inverse is true as well. I’m learning to release the guilt and shame about the ebb and flow of that dance. I also value the teams that I work with as a lawyer and in the Rooted Woman family. Having a strong team is invaluable and essential to my personal and professional growth.

Having a strong team is invaluable and essential to my personal and professional growth

What are some of the challenges you have experienced launching Rooted Woman and how did you combat them?

A lot of the challenges were personal in nature. For example, I battled fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of exposure. Fear of rejection. It can be difficult to start a brand that’s so closely connected to your heart. Ultimately, I didn’t allow fear to be the only or the loudest voice. I kept moving forward.

What is the one thing that you would say sets your line of nail polishes apart?

Intentionality. Our team and our partners put a lot of time in being intentional about every aspect of the product. All of our polishes are manufactured in the United States. Our chemist is a woman. All of the polishes are handmade and hand poured by mostly women. We spend a lot of time testing colours and praying about names and descriptions. We really hope that each of our customers feel the care that we’ve put into creating a lasting experience.

What is your favourite Scripture and why?

Honestly, I have a different Scripture that’s close to my heart in each season of life. In this season, as I grieve the recent passing of my father, who was my heart and friend, I find comfort and a measure of hope in Jeremiah 29:11.