I went to watch Girls Trip last weekend and let’s just say I may never look at grapefruit the same way! Don’t worry that isn’t a spoiler and if you haven’t gone out to see it then grab your girl crew and go see it before it leaves the cinema.

It’s a little raunchy in parts and laugh-out-loud funny, but at its heart, it’s about four friends who – due to careers, relationships and kids – have all lost base with each other. It caused me to reflect on my friendships. Different stages of life can easily cause wedges in our friendships that cause distance and sometimes distance can breed offence. An offence that they haven’t called you or a misunderstanding left unresolved.

The older we become the more full life gets. Careers start taking off, relationships start to bloom, kids are born and life changes quickly. The transition between my late 20s to 30s definitely taught me that. Making the effort is the only option; everyone needs a friend to rely on. Don’t assume that so and so is fine because they are married or their career is taking off. That may not be the case and they may need a friend to support them in their life transitions.

In the movie, Ryan (Regina Hall) decides to go on a girl’s trip with her friends after five years apart. I literally just came back from a girl’s trip and it was so necessary. We laughed, cried, had real honest conversation, ate and had a ton of fun. Let’s remember to have fun with each other.

Soulmates may be a spouse but it may also be the close friends that get us, like really get us

In the daily grind we need friends to remind us of our blessings, celebrate each other, let loose and have some fun. The bottom line is we need each other. We need safe places to be our raw selves and not feel ashamed. Soulmates may be a spouse but it may also be the close friends that get us, like really get us.

Jesus had levels of relationships and they all saw different sides to him. The truth is not everyone can handle our vulnerability. James, John and Peter saw Jesus change and had a glimpse of Christ in His glory (Matthew 17). Jesus also had the wider 12 disciples that he connected with and the wider 72 who he also connected with. He had levels of relationships and healthy boundaries.

So let’s make a promise to call when that person crosses our minds randomly. A promise to have our friends backs. A promise to correct in love, a promise to pass on good advice, push each other in our dreams and to be intentional. Let’s reach our friends in a way that makes them feel loved and appreciated.
Girls Trip was a not so gentle reminder to make the effort. Invest in your crew of girlfriends. Support the sisterhood – we need each other.