What would you do if you knew that someone close to you was doing something wrong? Would you correct them in love or stay silent? What if the person on the receiving end of the correction was you – how would you take it?

Correction is not something that most people welcome. It can often feel unexpected or embarrassing. The thought that someone has been watching our behaviour or actions and has made an observation can feel very intrusive. It can be even harder when that correction comes from someone that isn’t close to us. What is it about being corrected that can make us go from blaming ourselves for being in such a situation that warranted correcting or blaming others for influencing our decision that led to this situation? All in all receiving correction is an uncomfortable experience.

Correction is often met with defence and a strong case to why we did what we did. Correction can be seen one of two ways. We can hear it with our spirit or through the ears of our ego. The latter is often where we can all get stuck. Our pride and need to defend ourselves can be a high wall to get over but it can be overcome.

When we make mistakes and are being corrected we need to be humble enough to take on what is being brought to our attention

I remember being corrected for doing something when I was younger, I lied and blamed it on my sister. She got in trouble and I had to fess up and tell the truth (I felt terrible for dumping my sister in it). My mum told me off and corrected me more on the fact that I lied. That correction was needed, lying was not a habit my mum wanted to see me grow in. As children, we test the boundaries of what is right and wrong. Our parents correct and discipline us in order to help shape and mould us in a right way so when we are older we respect those boundaries.

Ultimately we should expect that God being our Father, and a loving Father at that, would correct us (Hebrews 12:6). When we make mistakes and are being corrected we need to be humble enough to take on what is being brought to our attention. It’s important to be open to correction from the Word of God. When the Scriptures reveals something we need to work on, allow the Spirit of God to do the work. We are being moulded and being taught how to live our lives as God sees fit – that is maturing.

For this command is a lamp, his teaching is a light, and correction and instruction are the way to life – Proverbs 6:12